1. Why are there files in the database registered as downloaded by my IP address if I have never downloaded any torrent files at all ?

Such situation usually takes place when the internet user has got a dynamic IP address. The IP address assigned to the user by the internet provider (using DHCP) changes every time the user switches off the modem. ScanEye may possess such information if other internet user worked in the past on the controlled IP.

2. I have a fixed public IP address, is it then possible that the system has found by mistake some torrent files downloaded to my IP address ?

If the period of owning the IP address and the date of downloading files overlaps then in accordance to our knowledge it is not a mistake. In such case we strongly advise to make sure that no other device user has downloaded mentioned files.

3. Does any third party have access to the files in possession of the ScanEye ?

ScanEye monitors BitTorrent network mainly for statistic purposes. The data gathered is carefully protected and no third party has access to it. Our customers have access only to their own IP addresses batch.

4. Why does the ScanEye try to control the Internet users ?

ScanEye does not control anyone. We merely monitor the events taking place within the BitTorrent network. In other words ScanEye registers IP addresses’ activity. In our database we have statistics on files that in given time were shared within BitTorrent network which means that registered IP addresses were involved.